The new generation of oil/gas mixture pumps is designed and built to handle media of either in liquid state or gaseous form, and performs simultaneously both functions of a pump and that of a compressor. 3DP has become the latest state of art transfer system for both inland and off shore oil/gas producing operations around the world. With its have high internal compressing power, high throughput, high compression ratio, powerful oil/gas transfer capability and highly effective energy saving characteristics.
    ST Energy Saving Pumps
    3ST series energy saving and high performance reciprocating high pressure pumps through three year’s cooperation with Zhejiang University of Technology. By adopting the technology of isochronous isolation system, the pump is a breakthrough in the seal construction of all kinds of existing reciprocating pumps. A sealing medium chamber is added to the seal structure of a reciprocating pump to make the sealing medium and transport medium reach the self balancing isolated condition.
    3DPAM Series is designed and built for Polymer flooding in oilfield as further advancement in the era of EOR. Jointly developed with oilfield operators, this series of pumps has position itself to be one of the best for the purpose. It meets with all the technical and practical requirements as demanded by the industry.
    3GP and 5GP Series Steam Injection Pumps are widely used in secondary recovery. It increases the flow into wellbore by adding pressure to the reserve and reducing the viscosity of oil at the same time. Steam injection is also applied to primary recovery to optimize efficiency nowadays. This series are one of the first pumps that Maxfully developed for EOR. Input and output sides are interchangeable to allow maximum flexibility. Field proven design guarantees efficiency and reliability.
    The TP Series of single acting triplex high pressure pump is rated for as high as 800HP and 70MPa in the oilfield servicing applications such as well flushing, well cementing and well fracturing. It is also widely used in pressure testing and wellhead pressure relief. The field proven design is compact, durable and efficient. It can be skid mount, truck mount; chain-driven or gear-driven as required. Since compatible with industrial standards, it matches with Allison BY520, HT750D, HT5961 and HT6061 transmission cases. To optimize its performance and service life, it is preferable to work at a maximum of 70-80% of it full power and below 270 strokes/min. The performance parameters as listed below corresponds to intermittent work of less than three hours a day.
    3RC Series CO2 Injection Pumps is developed specially to improve efficiency of recovery in oilfield. CO2 not only increases pressure in the reserve to bring oil to the surface, it also dissolves in the oil to enhance its mobility. Maxfully is one of the pioneers in EOR having been providing the same series to the industry since 1993. The design and built have hence been recognized by end users to be effective, compact, reliable and easy to operate. With input and output on both sides, it offers great flexibility in installation.
    Maxfully offers a full line of single acting triplex mud pumps rated from 500HP to 2,200HP. Small, compact and efficient, our NF series is compatible to the industry-recognized F series. It has longer stroke lengths than the others and therefore less number of strokes per minute is needed for the same output. This special feature enlenghens service life and enhances reliability. It is versatile in application and especially suitable for medium to deep oil wells.
    For applications whereas less horsepower is required, NB series completes the full range of mud pumps. Ranging from (200HP) to 2200HP, it is of the same robust, durable and compact build as the F-series. Flexibility is also designed into this series with double-input shaft extensions to be driven from either side. 3NB series is of single acting reciprocating triplex design.
    The 3S/5S New model series high-pressure reciprocating triplex pump is mainly used in oil exploration and refinery, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical and other light industries whereas transportation of oil, sewage, chemical and water under pressure is required
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